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Sultan-Ul-Uloom group of Schools ( 6) in the Old City of Hyderabad were established around 2 decades back with the objective of imparting quality education to the economically backward children of the old city area and promoting multifaceted development in them. They are a group of 6 non-profit institutions run by SUES that provide child centred and value based education. The schools offer State syllabus and are affiliated to the State Board for Secondary Education.

In these schools children are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence. The schools are striving hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values along with academics & extracurricular activities. While academic excellence is one major thrust, the schools are also devoted to prepare the students for life, groom them to face the challenges of tomorrow & encourage them to be socially responsible and relevant.



To provide relevant, high-quality education and train students for all their future endeavors in today’s ever-changing world.


  • To provide quality education to the students of old city and make schooling an all enjoyable experience for them.
  • To provide child centred and value based education.
  • To prepare students to become lifelong learners
  • To impart knowledge, critical thinking skills and good character in children.
  • To motivate the children towards studies.
  • To make students into responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of the future.
  • To create relevant learning opportunities for students in partnership with their families and community both inside and outside the classroom
  • To acquire value based quality education


The Schools are headed by competent, qualified and experienced principals. In keeping with the motto of SUES, “Lighted to Enlighten”, they strive hard to motivate the students towards education. Given below is the list of the Principals:

S # Name of the Principal Branch
1 Mrs.Syeda Rizwana, M.A., M.Ed. Hafiz Baba Nagar Phool Bagh, Hafiz Baba Nagar, Hyderabad
2 Mrs.Fariya Rahman, M.Com., B.Ed. Kazipura, Shah Ali Banda, Hyderabad
3 Mr.Jahangir Mohd., M.Sc., M.Ed. Hussaini Alam, Adjacent : Tara Maidan, Hussaini Alam, Hyderabad
4 Mr.Sarwar Shareef, M.Sc., B.Ed. Syed Ali Chabutra Near Shah Ali Banda Police Station, Syed Ali Chabutra,
5 Mrs.Umme Asma, M.A., M.Ed. Falaknuma Jangammet, Falaknuma, Hyderabad
6 Mrs.Mohammadi Begum, M.A.,M.Ed. Golconda Dharan Kota, Golconda Fort, Hyderabad
  • Spacious, well ventilated school buildings.
  • Well equipped laboratories for Science and Computers
  • Provision to conduct online classes
  • Seminar hall with LCD projector present.
  • Career guidance sessions for students of class IX and X.
  • Extra Curricular activities given importance to. Students take part in Inter District and Inter State competitions in Games and sports.


Sultan-Ul-Uloom High Schools are located in the bustling neighborhood of old city area. The Schools have well furnished, ventilated and spacious buildings.

They have sprawling playgrounds with all amenities and outdoor play equipment.

Water coolers connected with Aqua guards provide clean and chlorinated water to the students.

The school has a science laboratory with all basic facilities for conducting experiments.

Fully functional Computer laboratories are present with latest version computers and internet connectivity.

The schools have has fully furnished libraries with text books, reference books and reputed journals.

The school has a well equipped Seminar Hall with LCD Projector, good sound system and other furniture to organize Seminars, Orientation programs and Digital classes for students. The seminar hall has a capacity of 200 audience.

  • Faculty


The schools have a set of qualified and experience teachers who teach academic lessons and various skills that students need to develop and all round personality. The teachers in schools:

  • Plan lessons in the subjects they teach, such as science or history
  • Assess students to evaluate their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Teach students online or off line
  • Adapt lessons to any changes in class size
  • Grade students' assignments and exams
  • Communicate with parents about students' progress
  • Work with individual students to challenge them, to improve their abilities, and to work on their weaknesses
  • Develop and enforce classroom rules and administrative policies
  • Supervise students outside of the classroom—for example, during lunchtime, etc.


Literary competitions

Cultural Activities

Science Exhibition

Celebration of National festivals, children’s day, teacher’s day,etc