Sultan-Ul-Uloom Education Society is truly an abode of highbrow intellectual pursuits. The Society can boast of its highly qualified and efficient academic staff dedicated to drive learners to push the boundaries and reach the zenith of success. In our campus every institution, be it the school, college of Pharmacy, Education, Law, Business Management or Engineering, each can pat its shoulder for possessing such teachers-educators who are embodiments of quality, passion, and dedication towards shaping the young minds.

There are more than four hundred academic staff members associated with various institutions in the campus, all of whom meet the education and experience criteria specified by the statutory bodies like AICTE, PCI, Bar Council etc. and the affiliating university or Board.

The Society recognizes the need for the teachers to be professionally upgraded and committed towards employing contemporary pedagogical approaches in order to deliver the course content in the best possible way so as to motivate young minds to be zealous learners. In order to achieve this, the Society creates a conducive environment where the teaching fraternity is constantly engaged in training, research, publication, paper presentations and various other activities.

The Management also acknowledges the effort, teaching performances and achievements of the faculty and nurtures a culture of giving them the necessary boost in terms of promotion, incentives, felicitations etc. The Society has implemented a comprehensive incentive scheme for motivating them to excel in various professional activities.

Institution No. of faculty members No. of faculty with Ph. D. degree No. of Professors No. of Associate Professors No. of Assistant Professors
MJCET 176 60 28 35 113
SUCP 48 10 3 5 40
GACE 29 5 1 3 25
AAKCBA 33 10 4 7 22
(SUCL) 17 3 1 1 15
Sub Total (1) 303 88 37 51 215
(SUJC) 30 3 - - -
SUPS 225 1 - - -
Sub Total (2) 255 4 - - -
Grand Total 528 92 37 51 215