Every institute of the Society has a Governing Council with the Head of the institution as the convener. The chairman of the Governing Council and members are nominated by the Board of Governors from time to time. The function of a Governing Council is to ensure the compliance with statutes, ordinances and provisions regulating the institution, such as AICTE, UGC, State Government and affiliating university; and, subject to these, take all final decisions on matters of fundamental concern to the institution.

The Governing Council Meetings are conducted once in three months, if not more often. The Minutes of the Meeting are placed before the Board of Governors for its approval. As per the constitution of the Society the role and terms of reference of all the Governing Councils are as follows:

The Councils shall recommend the annual budgets of the Institutions to the Board for final approval;

The GC shall recommend Annual Report of the Institution for approval of the Board of Governors, SUES.

Whenever additional funds are required over and above the budgeted allocation, the Councils will review such proposals and forward their recommendations to the Board;

The Councils may recommend positive action to continuously improve the academic and all other standards of the Institutions;

Their role will be recommendatory in nature and their recommendations will be implemented only after approval is accorded by the Board of Governors. All correspondence in such matters will be addressed to the Honorary Secretary, SUES.

The Council shall recommend the staff requirements (teaching and non-teaching) of the Institution for approval of the Board of Governors, SUES.